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We are distributor for many different top quality manufacturers of industrial supplies, specializing in cutting tools. Below are our most popular lines.
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COMPANY NAME - Products Offered

Corporate Identity
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Iscar - Insertable Carbide Tooling, High Performance Carbide Endmills and Drills

isacr logo

GARR TOOL - Solid Carbide Endmills and Drills garr tool logo
HELICAL SOLUTIONS - High Performance Solid Carbide Endmills helical solutions logo
BLASER SWISSLUBE - Oil Based Coolants and Neat Oils blaser logo
MITSUBISHI MATERIALS - Insertable Carbide Tooling, High Performance Carbide Endmills and Drills mitsubishi logo
HARVEY TOOL - Special Purpose Carbide Tooling, Endmills, Drills, Dovetail, and Keyseat Cutters harvey tool logo
INGERSOLL CUTTING TOOLS - Insertable Carbide Tooling, High Performance Carbide Endmills and Drills ingersoll logo
LYNDEX-NIKKEN - High Performance rotary toolholders lyndex logo
GUHRING - High Performance Carbide, HSS and Cobalt Drills guhring logo
NSK - High Speed spindles, controllers and collets nsk logo
WALTER - TITEX - High Performance Carbide, HSS and Cobalt Drills titex logo
REGO-FIX - High Performance ER Collet System, and powRgrip Holding System rego-fix logo
YMW - High Performance Taps ymw logo
Tri-Angle - Reamers triangle logo
COMPANY NAME - Products Offered

Corporate Identity

WIKUS - Bandsaw Blades


AB Tools - Shank Mounted Carbide Cutters

abtools logo

BORITE - Boring Tools

CJT KOOLCARB - Carbide / Carbide Tipped Coolant Fed Tools cjt logo
CONICAL - Tapered End Mills Conical logo
CONTROX -Saws and Roughing End Mills


CRITERION - Boring Bars

Criterion logo

DATAFLUTE - High Performance Carbide End Mills

Dataflute logo

FASTCUT BRUBAKER - HSS and Cobalt End Mills and HSS Taps


FORM ROLL - Knurling Tools FormRoll logo
FULLERTON TOOL - Carbide Endmills & Tools Fullerton logo
GAYLEE - Solid Carbide & Carbide Tipped Saw Blades gaylee logo
HASSEY SAVAGE - Broaches hassay logo
INTERNAL TOOL - Specialty Carbide Cutters internal logo
INTERNATIONAL MINI CUT- HSS Aluminum Cutters IntlMinicut logo
BAHCO / MILFORD  - Bandsaw Blades bahco logo
THINBIT (KAISER TOOL) - Small Grooving Tools

Kaiser logo

KEO CUTTER - Countersinks, Centerdrills & Key Seat Cutters


LAVALLEE & IDE - Reamers lavalle
LEXINGTON CUTTER - Carbide Tipped Cutting Tools Lexington
M.A. FORD -Solid Carbide, HSS & Cobalt Cutting Tools MAFord
MAGAFOR - Center Drills & Spot Drills magafor
MASTERCUT TOOL - Carbide Endmills mastercut.jpg (4492 bytes)
MELIN TOOL - Cobalt / Carbide Endmills melin.gif (5753 bytes)
MICRO 100 - Carbide Cutting Tools Micro100.gif (11431 bytes)
MOON - HSS & Cobalt Milling Cutters moon.gif (7335 bytes)
NORTH AMERICAN - Special Taps & Dies northamerican.gif (3976 bytes)
OSG TAP & DIE - HP Taps, Drills, Endmills & Dies

OSG.jpg (2468 bytes)

PRESICION TWIST DRILL - Drills and Carbide Cutting Tools precisiontwist.gif (2731 bytes)
PROMAX TOOLS - High Performance Carbide Endmills promax.gif (8592 bytes)
Robb Jack - High Performance Carbide Endmills and Saws

isacr logo

SGS CARBIDE - Carbide Endmills & Tools


SCIENTIFIC CUTTING TOOLS - Porting Tools scientific.gif (2727 bytes)
SEV-CAL - Speciality Tools sevcal.jpg (9912 bytes)
ULTRATOOL - Carbide Endmills and Tools ultra.gif (1219 bytes)
QPM Products - Coolant Nozzles ultra.gif (1219 bytes)
DORIAN - Insertable Carbide Tooling ultra.gif (1219 bytes)
VERMONT TAP & DIE - Taps, Dies, Drills  
WELDON - HSS & Cobalt End Mills  
WHITNEY - HSS & Cobalt Cutters  
WIDELL - Special Taps & Dies  
DAPRA - Insertable Carbide Tooling  
LMT FETTE - Thread Rolling  
MIL-TEC - Insertable Carbide Tooling  
PARLEC - Complete Line of Toolholders  
STELLRAM - Indexable Carbide Tooling  
VR WESSON - Indexable Carbide Tooling  
VARDEX - Indexable Carbide Tooling